Having specialised in travel to Africa since 1983, we are extremely proud and fortunate to have built up a wonderful customer base of repeat travellers, who also recommend our services to their friends, family and colleagues, or even fellow travellers they meet on safari. Our aim is for every holiday we arrange to be perfect for the people who undertake them. Listed below are some of the comments we have received from our customers. Please also visit the AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) feedback site to see reviews on our services and our clients’ experiences.

Hi Joe, the connections and transfers went without a hitch and we were really looked after. Both the camps were superb but we had a preference for Kicheche Bush Camp where the hosts were very helpful and the food and animal sightings were excellent. Throughout we met interesting fellow travellers and the camp sites provided us with the opportunity to see all the animals on our wish list, particularly Leopards and Elephants. Our guides were outstanding. Their ability to spot game and give full colourful explanations increased our knowledge and enhanced our enjoyment of the trip. The quality of many of my photographs can be attributed to the guides putting us in the right position to get the best shot when the action kicked off. A baby elephant lost its footing and tumbled into a gully and a Leopard jumping a stream with its kill before climbing the tree. Finally, I would like to thank you and Safari Consultants for your help and support in organising a very memorable trip.

Richard and Jackie from Northamptonshire travelled to Kenya

February 2018

Rob Slater was fabulous. Great listener, professional, highly responsible. Our trip was just spectacular – could Not have been better. Well planned and Very well executed. Even the animals got on board! We loved every minute of our time in Africa, we thank Rob for his excellent work, and we will highly recommend Safari Consultants to our friends looking for a great African Safari adventure.

Mary and Reuben from Florida travelled to Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania

February 2018

Our trip was fantastic. We will return to Africa and when we do we will call Rob. Rob saved us from what could have been a very disappointing vacation. What most impressed me about Rob was his willingness to challenge me. Doing so could have easily cost him a client but he stuck to his guns and basically told me that I was wrong. He did so after interrogating me at length about what my daughter and I were hoping for out of our trip. He clearly knew what he was talking about. Even though I hardly knew him, he was so knowledgeable and experienced that I found it difficult to argue with him. Within a few days I surrendered to his itinerary suggestions. I am so thankful that I did. Everything that Rob said turned out to be dead right. Staying in hotels would have been a huge mistake for us. The tent camp lodging was excellent and the camps were exactly what we were looking for. The tents represented a new travel experience for us and we did not want for anything. The meals were wonderful and the wildlife (and proximity to the wildlife) vastly exceeded our expectations. The travelling was never stressful. Our itinerary provided plenty of habitat and scenic variability. We moved between properties at just the right pace. David, Michael and Steve could not have done a better job of guiding us. Their knowledge was very impressive and their passion for the wildlife was infectious. They all had a great sense of humour. All three were informative and interesting while never talking too much. I think the quality of the guides was what impressed us most. We know how difficult it is to find one person with these qualities much less three. We honestly felt sad each time that we left one of our guides behind. Clearly our guides were not picked at random, people like this are not mass produced. Finally, my initial reaction to many of the Safari Consultants reviews was that they were too good to be true. Having just returned from our SC trip, I can report that they are all accurate.

Michael and Molly from Minnesota, USA travelled to Tanzania & Kenya

February 2018

Hi Rob, In short, amazing trip in every sense!

Mark, Helen, Cameron, Cicely & Lola from Brighton travelled to South Africa

December 2017

Hello Frances, Rochelle and I are home. We had an absolutely fabulous trip. Our time in Botswana was so special. Everything about the safari was wonderful. We enjoyed both camps and found everything just terrific. The food was great, the staff were all number one in terms of service, helpfulness and general great attitude. We absolutely loved Bale and Gee, our tracker and guide at Kwara Camp. They are a great team. We saw an amazing amount of wild life and the landscape in the Delta was so gorgeous. Camp Kalahari was not as rich in the big animals but still had lots to offer and the food, the lodgings and the staff once again were all terrific. So thank you Frances for your assistance in making all this possible for us. I know we threw a lot at you all at the last minute and you were so patient and helpful. I hope I have the opportunity to ask for your services again one day soon. I certainly have fallen in love with being ‘on safari’.

Gwynne and Rochelle from Canada travelled to Botswana

January/February 2018

Morning Rob, an excellent trip in all respects; great camps in great locations, engaging guides, good food and service, the logistics all worked seamlessly and most importantly truly outstanding game viewing. We now wait impatiently for our trip to Zambia

Stephen and Jean from Norwich travelled to Kenya

February/March 2018

Hi Rob, our Safari in the Madikwe and time in Cape Town were both outstanding. When people ask about our Safari, I tell people it was our best family vacation yet. I’ve been an expat for 15 years and my family is well travelled, so that’s quite a comment. I highly rate the quality of The Bush House and thanks so much for the recommendation. Having a private vehicle also really added to the experience. The guide was superb and great with our kids. Four full days really seemed like the right amount of time. The small size of the lodge, staffs treatment of our kids, and the facilities really made us feel ‘at home.’ Cape Town and the surrounding area are beautiful as you know. Our driver to and from the Bush House was actually Ian Johnson, a guide and tour company owner himself. He shared insights and recommendations and was much more than just the driver. I see another Safari in our future. I will definitely contact you when its time. Thanks much

Corbin, Janet, Elsa and Arden from China travelled to South Africa

February 2018

Dear Mary, we had a great time, thanks. The choice of different terrains in the Central Kalahari and the Lagoon worked well, having some different animals and birds. In one of the drives from Tao Pan, even the guide became excited at seeing a couple of elephants in the distance; apparently they do not come to the region often and these were the first to be seen in 2018. The guides in both camps were excellent and looked after us really well. Thank you for your advice and efforts. When we next have a safari holiday, we will certainly want to hear what you have to say about our ideas.

Charles and Sandra from Essex travelled to Botswana

February 2018

Hello Mary! we had a FANTASTIC adventure. We loved every minute, every place, everything!!! You absolutely nailed it, how you designed it starting at Porini Amboseli and ending in the Mara. We kept saying how wonderful each place was and yet how one was better than the one before; the development of the trip was spot on. Thank you so much. We saw every animal that we could have dreamt of. We had lovely accommodations. We saw a male lion carrying a wildebeest carcass in his mouth for over 300 meters. It was unbelievable. We saw a wildebeest be born and stand for first time. We saw a cheetah stalk and then chase a zebra fawn but the momma zebra saved her baby in the end. We came across 3 lions killing (the final suffocation) and then eat a zebra. We saw a pride of lions (14) including 4 babies!!!! Hippos in the water bobbing up and down. Rhinos with their young. Leopard hanging in a tree. So many memories. Oh my. Thank you again. So pleased.

Barbara and Jane from Massachusetts travelled to Kenya

February 2018

Rob, I want you to know that our trip was absolutely fantastic in every way – A+!!!!!! This was my 7th time to Africa, 5th on safari, and this was the absolute best safari experience by far. The sequencing of the stays really worked, i.e. Rwanda first and ending with Alex’s Mara Camp which was spectacular with interesting options (night drives, tree house lunch, walking up the escarpment) to break the potential monotony of early morning and late afternoon drives. The flexibility at Serengeti South in arranging for us to go to the government school allowed us to have an incredible experience with 390 school kids in a school with only 2 teachers where they sang to us and we to them. Our guides were in tears – it was beautiful. Some of our satisfaction with the trip may have been the luck of having the first 2 days post gorillas (which were amazing!!!!) totally beyond belief – sightings, kills (2 cheetah kills by the same mother and 4 cubs within 15 minutes on our 2nd day), leopard kill hanging from acacias etc…. Nonetheless everything after was also fascinating helped in no small part by fabulous/experienced guides. Baraka and Masha were stellar from the Kusini and Serengeti South Camps. Thank you for a truly outstanding experience. I am glad to write any endorsement if that would be helpful. Thank you also for being so responsive to questions before the trip! P.S. The VAMOOS app was terrific!

David and Martha from California travelled to Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania

February 2018